Clean & Shiny Detail 

Starts at $199 

What is paint correction?

Your paint is very soft, every time you touch it you instill scratches. From very light to very deep. 

To "remove" these you have to remove the paint around the scratch. That's where Wet Sanding, Compounding or Polishing comes in.

Wet Sanding is expensive so most people Compound or just Polish their paint.

The point of Paint Correction is to get the paint as flat as possible so it can reflect the most light just like a mirror.

Detailing ​Services

Detailing By M Paint Correction Detail

Detailing By M is the Only Certified C SIIDetailer in Oklahoma 

Why do your headlights yellow?

It is because the UV Coating or the Acrylic is degrading.

Also you can get a Ticket if they are really bad.

You are suppose to treat head lights like paint and wax them. 

To fix these correctly you have to sand off the degraded coating and plastic, then polish to perfect and re-install the UV coating.

Price Ranges from $149 - $2,300 Without Paint Correction

Headlight Restoration

​Starting at $30 ea.

Detailing By M paint correction detail

Paint Correction Detailing

Starting at $199

Glass Coating Your Whole Car

Never Wax Your Car Again!

This is the most popular & affordable detail. It's perfect for daily drivers and "For Sale" cars. 

I clean every inch and protect all surfaces.


Indepth Wash, Decontaminated (clayed/Nano Skin)

 3D HD Speed AIO Polymer Synthetic Wax & Polish on the Paint Using a Rupes Polisher

Glass and Rims Waxed

Trim/Rubber Treated with Black WoW Pro/Classic

Tires Dressed

Wheel Wells Cleaned and Dressed


Vacuum Every Nook & Cranny and headliner

Wipe Down All Surfaces

Clean up Cup Holders and "normal" dirt

Power Wash Floor Mats

Carpet Extractor/Vacuum

Leather Protection

Clean Glass

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