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5 Star Review from a Car Covered in Tar

Here's the bottom line: Detailing by M has this litany of 5-star ratings for a reason. 

Horrible roofing tar from an irresponsible neighbor - Removed. Finger nail polish and  stains in the cloth seats - Eliminated (tip - opt for the high grade fabric protectant if you want to preserve the beauty). First full, premium grade hand wax since I bought the car - Handled. 

First time using M, and I'll be back. Throw him a Facebook like, and pass it on!

5 Star Review from a Ferrari Restorer
Mario detailed my Testarossa to perfection. He is exceptional at his craft. I highly recommend him to anyone.

5 Star Review from a Daily Driver
There is a very good reason why Mario has a 5-star rating.  Great personality, extraordinarily detailed work, calling, following up, showing up on time, pride in his work, great communicator.  My car is 10 months old, and I am NOT exaggerating when I say that it looks better than it did when I bought it new 10 months ago. I will use Mario forever, and refer him to everyone.Type your paragraph here.

5 Star Review from a Daily Driver
Mario goes above and beyond when detailing cars. He loves what his does and is prime example of a great detailer. I had him detail my 2000 430 e class Mercedes and he did an excellent job. He put alot of time and effort into my car. I would definitely recommend Mario to anyone looking for a great detailer..

5 Star Review from an Associate
I have known Mario for many years.  He does incredible work and I do not hesitate to refer any of my friends to him.  If you're looking for a car wash level detailer, then keep looking.  But if you want quality work where you don't have to worry about swirls, burnt paint, or buffer trails being left in your paint, then Mario is your man.  Highly recommended!

5.0 Star Rating from BMW M5 Coated in 22ple VX3 Signature Glass Coating
I have tried numerous detailing services and was always disappointed until I found Mario.  He is for real.  I always thought I should get more from a detailing service, something I couldn't do myself.  That is what you get with Mario - he really makes the car look BETTER THAN NEW!  I joined Yelp just to give him a great review because I really think he is worth it!  Give him a try and you won't be disappointed. I recently upgraded my detail, coated my car in Glass and I've never been happier!

5 Star Review from a Odor Removal
I found Mario's detailing service on Yelp. I decided to give him a call to see if he could help me with a smell issue that I could not remove from my car. After leaving a message, he promptly returned my call. Mario was very friendly and was willing to come by that day to help me out. He steamed/disinfected my car, and even came by a second time the following day to make sure the smell was completely gone. Mario really cares about his customers, and does a top notch job.

5 Star Review from a Daily Driver
Mario has detailed two of my cars and they look spotless. He always does an awesome job and will make sure your car looks better than new. Detailing by M is not a business where they try to get you to purchase an overly expensive detail that you don't need; instead Mario will save you money by recommending the exact amount of work that he thinks your car requires to look great. Definitely call Mario for when you need someone who you can trust.

5 Star Review from a Mustang Garage Queen
Mario is the best. I love my 2013 black Ford Mustang GT and Mario keeps it looking perfect. He really cares about his work and helps me with anything that comes up. It's really awesome that he is mobile and can come to my place. I highly recommend Mario.Type your paragraph here.

5 Star Review from a Dirty Used Car
Detailing By M truly knows detailing.  Mario, the owner is passionate about what he does, knows his craft, and is meticulous as he attacks stains and smells.  I bought a 2002 Corolla with an interior that smelled and was filthy with grease and oils from years of neglect.  Mario came to my house with his mobile van, opened up the back door and revealed a treasure land of products and equipment.  If there is a BEST way to do detailing, Mario is doing it or has developed it out of years of experience and desire to be the best at what he does.  His work is impeccable, he is pleasant to interact with and his prices are fair.  I could say more, but I think you get the idea.  He's the real deal, someone I trust, and someone I will refer to all of my friends.  You can't go wrong.  When he finished my interior, it looked factory new and smelled new as well.Type your paragraph here.

5.0 Star Review from a Neglected Car

Called Mario at 10 AM to see if he could do an exterior detail the following week since it was already Friday. He said he could do it today in about an hour. I had a lot of tree sap and bird droppings on the car but Mario wasn't fazed and beautifully corrected them and put a sealant coat on the vehicle. I had such good luck trading the previous vehicle that Mario had detailed (the dealers just went WOW when they saw the workmanship) I knew he could help me get top dollar when I trade this car in. Mario really cares about his work and the results he gets from it. It also doesn't hurt his reputation that he details cars I can only dream of owning, like Bugatti Veyrons and Ferraris. If folks with those cars trust Mario, how can you not trust him to do a top quality job with yours? Great work, fair prices, and pleasant service--Mario's recipe for success. Try his services out, you won't be disappointed, in fact you'll probably rave about them like I do.

5 Star Review from a Daily Driver
Mario started off by being a few minutes early to my home - great way to start off the day. Then, he worked diligently for 4 hours to give my '09 Toyota Camry a much-needed face lift. By the time he was done, the fog that covered the exterior of our Cam was lifted and the interior looked brand new. It was a well-spent $200.

Side note: on top of the great job on the car he also instructed me on how to properly house my kids' car seats. Bonus points.

I will be using him again, and I definitely recommend Mario to you.

5 Star Rating from a Daily Driver
Mario does great work and was super flexible with my schedule.  The thoroughness is fantastic.  Very happy here.  I will have him detail my other cars as well.ere.

5 Star Review from a Body Shop Return
About a month ago I had a horrible accident in my 2010 edge.  I was devastated feeling my car would never look the same it was perfect before as I'm very picky about the exterior and interior. After receiving my car back from the collision center still feeling very upset about my beautiful car I did some calling around and was put in touch with Mario. We set up an appointment and he came out the next day.  Upon his arrival he set up did an amazing thorough job including removing shards of glass from the inside left by the collision people.  He shined and polished my car to look like new. Mario is a great businessman and a very detailed hard worker I'd hire him again and again and I will definitely recommend him to my friends and family.Type your paragraph here.

5 Star Review from an Uber Driver with Odor Removal
Over the summer I had a serious bio-hazard incident in my car. Yeah, someone puked big-time. I tried going cheap to clean it up. Obviously, I was just clueless. Once I realized that was totally inadequate, I found Mario here in RSM. He brought me up to speed on how serious my problem was. With that, he went to work. The issue wasn't clean-up at this point, but smell. Getting rid of the smell took all of his professional knowledge and expertise. He had techniques and cleaning devices that I never even knew existed. I was very grateful. The smell of vomit tends to focus the mind. Cutting to the chase and skipping the disgusting details, this movie had a happy ending. Bottom-line, Mario saved my ass and my car. Major kudos. As the big guy with the gun said, I'll be back. In my case, on a bended and grateful knee.

5 Star Review from a Ferrari Collector
I will add my endorsement of Mario to the list of many here.  He came to my home and spent the better part of 5 hours detailing, polishing, and perfecting the paint on an old Ferrari.  He took immaculate care of the car (note in the photo that he even put a cloth under the cord of my battery charger while he worked on it), and his work speaks for itself. 

- He shows up on time and follows through
- He is passionate about his work and goes through painstaking detail to make your vehicle perfect
- He carries all his own equipment, mixing batches, tents, etc.  He is prepared for anything
- He guarantees his work and is very sensitive to your satisfaction
- He spent 30+ minutes with his special lights finding and noting all the areas of my paint that needed attention. He took care of everything.

- Support a Desert Storm Veteran, hire Detailing by M!

- Mario is first on my list for a high end detail.

High Quality Paint Correction & Coating Master

Detailing By M Reviews

Detailing By M ceramic car coating

5 Stars

Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

Mario was awesome . He explained what needed to be done, gave advise for maintenance and was very thorough with competitive pricing . Highly recommend him.

3720 N. Pennsylvania Ave OKC, Ok 73112​

5 Star Review from a New Car
Mario is meticulous and does everything himself. He detailed my 2 month old car, removing minor scratches from the factory coat. It looks awesome. I will be hiring him again.

5 Star Review from a Daily Driver
It was a great experience and my car was sparkling new. He provided an honest estimate and informed me he'd give a better estimate upon inspection which he did and the proposed cost was less which I appreciated his honesty. I will be coming back to him when my car needs another session. Thanks

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5 Star Review from a Daily Driver
I had Mario out to do a complete detail on my Black Toyota, It was windy day and he did a very good job in the conditions (see my google review at…) Mario had mentioned to me then that he could do a thorough interior clean at some later day of my choosing. I had forgotten that, and, to call him back, but Mario checked back with me about the interior, and saw some of the paint correction work he'd done previously on my driver door had not lasted, some scratches were back. He said he'd be back the next day and would fix it for free, under warranty. He showed up and hand sanded the scratches, compounded and polished them completely out. All the time he was working, nearly 4 hours on his dime, he was more than happy to share with me what he was doing at each step, what product he preferred, and tips and tricks for me to utilize myself. He even showed me the correct method for Dr Color Chip paint fills for scratches that couldn't be corrected out easily. Mario is a consummate professional. He will teach and demonstrate to professionals and aspiring n00bs. His work is top quality and is superbly guaranteed. If you need work on your car's finish call this guy, you will not be sorry.

5 Star Review from a Mini Van
I selected Detailing by M based on the yelp reviews and was NOT disappointed!  He detailed my 2008 minivan and did an excellent job!  It was about 8 hours worth of work (yes, the minivan was a beast!) and worked diligently that whole time.  Van looks great and ready to sell!Type your paragraph here.

5 Star Review from a 22ple VX3 Signature Glass Coating
I recently bought a new Mazda 3. After taking it home from the dealership, I noticed some dirt and grime and that is when I thought about where to get my car washed/detailed. The local car washes do such a poor job that I thought I should look for an alternative. After searching on Yelp I found Detailing by M. The reviews looked sound so I thought I would try it out.

After an email inquiry, Mario very promptly responded and I was able to get an appointment for the next weekend.

When he showed up, it was pretty clear that Mario is an attention to detail kind of guy. I appreciate that he fully evaluated my car before beginning any work. The detailing job took about 4 hours. I thought my car looked pretty good before, but I have to say that I was blown away by how amazing it looked after Mario performed his magic. 

Overall I am highly satisfied with the work. Even though it's a Mazda 3, Mario treated my car like it was a Ferrari. It's difficult to find businesses where passion and pride take priority over profit and that is why Mario has won me over as a customer. I will definitely be returning for future washes and detailing service

​​Cell Phone (949) 433-8894

Cell Phone: (949) 433-8894